Hi, my name is Ben and I have been taking volunteers to teach spoken English in China since 2004.  Late year I totaled over 100 volunteers sine 2004. I’ve been to China 12 times and have visited obver 60 cities

This year I have 2 small programs at 2 poor rural schools, one in Henan Province and one in Jiangxi Province.  This is volunteer only, no pay, but it gives you the opportunity to experience “real” china, not the “in one day, gone the next” as in most tours.

You must pay your own way to a major city in China and then the school will pick you up and provie room and board and some site-seeing.  You will only need to teach weekday mornings.  The programs are 2 -3 weeks in length in mid July.

I will assist you with travel, lessons, and site-seeing before and after the program.

If you are interested in more information and are serious about the possibility of this kind of program, please contact me at sculptsone@aol.com.